Thursday, November 1, 2012


Alas, poor Willard Mitt Romney, that spoiled rich bully: his “sins have found him out.”  Texas’ late Governor Ann Richards could have been describing Romney in 1988, speaking of George H.W. Bush: “poor George, he can’t help it -- he was born with a silver foot in his mouth.”  Ex-corporate consigliere and ex-Governor  Romney is the first-ever candidate to:
1.  Write-off 47% of the American people as shiftless parasites, “dependents,” “victims” (insulting our veterans, elderly, disabled, students, workers and unemployed);
2.  Accumulate more than $250 million (including $100+ million IRA), through amoral “venture/vulture capitalism,” firing workers, wrecking companies/careers, exporting our jobs to China and India;
3.  Hoard much of his money in foreign countries, in secretive offshore accounts;
4.  Laugh when asked about his own violent hate crime – assault and battery (at age 18, enlisting a gang of five to hold down a fellow student , while Romney forcibly hacked off his long bleached-blonde hair, earlier stating “he can’t look like that – that’s wrong!”);
5.  Laugh when asked about transporting his dog on the roof of a car (13-hour summer drive);
6.  Destroy public records of The Peoples’ Business (as Massachusetts Governor and 2002 Olympics CEO);
7.  Earn a Harvard law degree while erroneously claiming that he “never went to law school” (2012 video);
8.  Obtain a law license but instantly convert it to “Inactive” status (immune from otherwise mandatory legal ethics rules since August 3, 1976), never using his skills for pro bono legal work;
9.  Do nothing for eight (8) years after his “Inactive” law license was “suspended” (for nonpayment of Michigan Bar dues, 2004 to June 2012, until just days after I asked the Bar about it – mutatis mutandis, Romney is now in dues-free “Emeritus” status, member of the Michigan Bar’s “Master Lawyers Section”); 
10.  Inspire “chuckles” talking about how his campaign benefits from concerted economic disinvestment. (Study the videotape/transcript, May 17, 2012 Boca Ratón fundraiser: Romney bragged “we’ll see capital come back” that is “if--if--if-if” he is elected, “without” his “actually doing anything.")
Romney lacks empathy, with a 47-year history as an űber-bully, as his “capital strike” comment proves.  
Some $2.5 trillion dollars cash is being withheld from our economy by Big Business and the wealthy – this record-level 3.5 year old "capital strike" aims to defeat President Barack Obama and his reforms.  
This is economic warfare — blackmail abused by House Speaker John Boehner, VP nominee Paul Ryan, et al. to make indecent demands.  Koch Brothers fund groups soliciting business pledges to hire no employees until Obama leaves – one Georgia crane company’s trucks advertise this “policy.”
Small businesses can’t get credit. Bailed-out banks are stingy with credit, though it’s our money.   People are suffering. Enough.
Willard Mitt Romney – who opposed Chicago teachers’ strike – supports Big Businesses’ “capital strike.” 
This is the most foolish economic warfare tactic since Confederates burned 2.5 million bales of cotton in 1861, expecting to blackmail Great Britain into diplomatic recognition/alliance.  Slaveowners’ economic blackmail failed.
Big Business mounted 1907 and 1937 “capital strikes,” aimed at halting Teddy and Franklin Roosevelts’ prosecuting/regulating  Big Business wrongdoing.  TR called them “malefactors of great wealth.”  FDR called them “economic royalists.”  Both “blew the whistle” on “capital strikes,” FDR initiated investigations.  
Antitrust laws forbid anti-competitive collusion "in restraint of  trade."  Concerted group economic boycotts are “per se” antitrust law violations, as our Supreme Court reaffirmed after court-appointed D.C. criminal defense law firms illegally “struck” D.C. courts, refusing new cases, demanding higher fees. 
It's up to us.
Protect our middle class, free enterprise, competition and our democracy from wrongdoers.  Vote against the greediest 0.01%.  Re-elect President Barack Obama.

Ed Slavin, B.S. Foreign Service, Georgetown University, J.D. Memphis State University (now University of Memphis), former editor of the Appalachian Observer, uncovered the largest mercury pollution and worker exposure event in world history (Oak Ridge, Tennessee Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, 4.2 million pounds).  He has 38 years of journalism, legislative, legal, activist  and business experience, and is a former lawyer for ethical employee “whistleblowers” raising legally-protected concerns about environmental, nuclear, safety, fraud, waste and abuse. 

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